Teenage drivers are targeted and closely watched by police officers while driving on the road. This is no secret. The reason for this is that teenage drivers account for more than 41% of all traffic accidents. Teenage drivers tend to be less experienced, less aware, and less prepared for maneuvering on the busy roads.

As a result, insurance companies charge a higher premium for teenage drivers than adult drivers and the consequences for receiving a traffic ticket are usually higher for teens as well. Not only is the price more expensive, at most providers the cost is nearly double. In many states, most traffic infractions will carry an automatic suspension of your driver’s license and more. That is why it is of absolute importance that teenage drivers receive the best training and driver’s education they can.

Learning the dangers of the road and how to avoid them is paramount to the continued safety of a driver in hazardous conditions and weather. Knowing how to be a defensive driver is also an essential tool a driver must have to avoid accidents and injuries on the road. Even if you have the driving skills of a Formula 1 race car driver, you just can’t predict the behavior and actions of other drivers -all the time.

The fact is, there are thousands of people getting arrested every day for drunk driving, driving while on drugs or medication, driving while distracted or texting. Any one of these drivers can cause catastrophic damage and implications in your life. It is up to the driver to correctly recognize these potential dangers and react in the correct fashion to safely get him or herself out of trouble’s way.

One source of distraction is a driver’s cell phone. Teenagers are most likely to be texting and driving, or otherwise be using their phone. These distractions cause drivers to be 5x more susceptible to a fatal crash and is a huge problem on our roads today. Taking the right driver’s education class can help prevent many of these accident from occurring and otherwise protecting young driver’s and the people they share the road with.

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