Getting a traffic or speeding ticket is no fun and can actually be a huge blow to your wallet. No one likes having an infraction on their driving record either. Let alone the higher insurance costs and premiums.

However there is an option available to drivers in California of registering for a California DMV certified online traffic school. Enabling you to avoid further consequences from your traffic infraction and to take care of any past ones you may have received. You may even be able to dismiss your traffic ticket.

Many people find themselves with many questions regarding online traffic school. Some have preconceived myths or notions about taking traffic school online so we are here to set them straight.

Are these traffic school classes even legitimate?

Millions of people have already attended online traffic school in California alone. The Department of Motor Vehicles has given permission and in many cases even manage several online traffic school programs. These online traffic school programs were created in partnership with the DMV to prepare driver to meet the standards as set from the Department of Motor Vehicles. These classes educate drivers on California traffic rules and legislation, fundamental reasoning skills when behind the wheel, and defensive driving skills. Many will find that this kind of valuable information will actually enable them to become safer and more effective drivers.

Are these classes boring like my old high school math classes?

Many folks assume that all things related to the DMV must be boring and pointless. While that may be true for traditional traffic schools, online classes are inherently more fun. They are designed to be interactive, informative, and fun. There are videos, sound clips, and more to help keep your interest. And the best part is, if you feel like taking a break for a while and tackling it later then you have the freedom to do exactly that.

Is it true that you have to waste an entire day or even more in traffic school to complete the course?

This might have been true before but now with the emergence of technology, you have the freedom to complete your course any place and any time you please! Whether you are on your tablet, smartphone, or personal computer, you are ready to take your online course whenever you please.

Is traffic school expensive? I heard it was.

There are many costs when receiving a traffic ticket. For starters, you get points added to your driving record. Then your insurance costs may rise because insurance companies keep track of every single point on your driving record. Repeat offenders receive punishments that are much worse. If severe enough or after multiple offenses, it may also lead to the suspension of your driver license and privileges. What will you do next? Hiring an attorney is too expensive and losing your freedom to drive legally will be a huge pain in the butt. When you consider that our traffic school courses start at only $20, you may consider taking that point off your record by attending our traffic school course online.

Is it true that many online traffic school providers are scammers?

Making sure you attend a reputable online traffic school provider is essential to your success. You do not want to be forking over your credit card information and money to potential scammers on the internet. So how do you avoid these crooks and tell which providers are the real deal? It’s very easy. The Department of Motor Vehicles can verify each traffic school provider if you just call them and ask during their normal hours of business. Give them a call and ask them to verify the provider you had in mind or simply ask them to provide you with a list of providers they recommend. This is the simplest and most effective way to protect yourself and your money.

Want the most recommended internet traffic school course in California?

Kukjae Traffic School is a top rated traffic school and driving school in California. Our site contains invaluable resources for California motorists to learn more about keeping safe on the road and avoiding costly fees due to receiving a traffic ticket. We provide driving and traffic school classes at our Orange County, CA location or online on our easy-to-use website. Register now!

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