This short article may help those that are wondering whether it is possible to defeat at a red-light ticket in California. Should you ever end up in a situation where a red light camera has taken the dreaded snapshot of you in your car, don’t worry because I will teach you how to best deal with your problem.

First, always make sure to check the photo. Obviously, if the person that is on the photograph is not you then it is simply just a case of mistaken identity. In the event that you’re not the one driving, always make sure to disclose exactly who is driving your vehicle. Failure to do so may result in the judge charging you for contempt of court. In the event that you were not driving, you may challenge the ticket in your court hearing but make an effort to keep from court and resolve the situation through the internet or mail.

If you decide to fight this in court, make sure you don’t reveal any information that may be used against you. Usually, it is wise to hire an attorney when dealing with any legal matters and this will highly increase your chances for success. You will find lots of attorneys who battle red light camera tickets in case you are prepared to pay the high attorney fees that come with it.

Occasionally you will get lucky and the policeman may never even appear in court. In this type of situation, your case will be dismissed by the court and you will be acquitted.

Additionally, your last but most quickest and affordable option is to take traffic school. This will allow you to cover a conviction on your record and prevent high insurance premiums. Usually classes take only a few hours and with Kukjae Traffic School, you know you will be getting quality education at an affordable price.

All of these options are extremely beneficial to know for anyone that plans to fight a red light ticket. Like and share this post with your friends and family to ensure they know how to beat red light tickets.

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